HouseTwelve Media expands studio and re-opens as a new creative collective

ROCHESTER, NY – Today, HouseTwelve Media expands its studio into a new creative collective, called Rochester Creatives. Located in the Made on State building in the heart of Rochester, Rochester Creatives is a 1400 sq. ft. shared space for photographers, videographers, graphic and web designers and other like-minded creatives. A limited number of desks are available.

“Rochester Creatives is NOT a co-work!” explains founder, Elizabeth Mason. “Our goal is to build a fun and comfortable space where we can build our businesses together. We are looking for the right mix of talent that will benefit everyone.”

The mission of Rochester Creatives is to become a catalyst for successful freelancers and entrepreneurs by facilitating collaboration and joining people on professional and personal levels. To learn more about becoming a partner, visit