Is it time to update your website?

Reasons For a Website Redesign

A website overhaul is a major undertaking, and clients are often hesitant about it. They often weigh the benefits of a new website against the cost and time it will take to complete. But sometimes clients overlook the negative tolls their current website are taking on their business.

Having revamped numerous websites over the past couple of years, here are the areas we found most problematic. Read on to learn how we can fix these common errors.


Everyone knows the google algorithm changes, so even if your website was SEO optimized at one point, that doesn’t mean it still it. Many websites do more damage than good when it comes to search engine optimization.

Authority & Trust

If you’re trying to represent your business as a trustworthy authority in your field, having a website that clearly is not current is as bad as not having a website at all. Outdated design is a major turnoff. If the design isn’t maintained, what else is ignored?

Flash & Other Outdated Features

Flash used to be fancy, and buggy. Now Adobe has announced the end of support for the Flash browser plugin at the end of this year. If you’re like me, it’s not even installed on your computer. The iPhone never supported it. I had clients with websites designed entirely with Flash! In addition, new browsers and updates constantly open the door to potential problems. It’s imperative that your website work.

outdated landing page
Without Flash, this website isn’t even visible

How We Can Fix Your Site

We do design websites from scratch, but major redesigns are our favorite. Here’s how our services can fix what’s wrong with your site.

WordPress Template Based

Using WordPress templates as the foundation of your redesign helps negate almost all of the issues above right off the bat. Some of the benefits include:

• You can keep the site updated yourself on a routine basis. This ensures your information is always correct, and allows you to add articles, or even pages to your website. Showing google that your website is updated on a regular basis is great for SEO.

• The CMS platform allows you to create and maintain a website structure even through any future visual design changes you might make. This too is great for SEO.

• We create each website using best SEO practices from the very start. Even if you choose not to do a monthly maintenance contract with us, you have a foundation to work with. One initial training session is included in every site we design, which includes basic SEO practices.

• You get a beautiful, modern website that instills trust in your clients.

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