Creative Solutions for Henrietta Video Production

We always want our videos to be creative. Sometimes our process needs to be creative too. One such example was at a recent video production in Henrietta, NY. We faced several unique problems during production. A creative solution was just what we needed.

The client hired us to create a video demonstration of a piece of equipment. A technician was supposed describe what made this machine special. But two problems were stopping us. First, the equipment was deafening. There was no way we could hear anybody talk over the ambient noise in the room. No microphone would have helped! Second, the equipment was located in a designated “clean” area. Beard and hair nets were required. Not a great look for on screen talent.

Our creative solution was to film in front a green screen! We filmed a video background, and added that footage in behind the tech. The technique worked great, and we filmed an entire series using the green screen.