Why You Should Use Video Testimonials

When you’re a business owner, figuring out where to spend your marketing budget can be tough. There are so many ways to market yourself and your business, and it can be overwhelming (and ineffective) to try to tackle a little bit of everything. It’s important to put your money where it matters, and where it will gain the best response and action from your target audience. Video marketing is all the rage right now, helping more and more businesses make themselves known. Video testimonials are the highest converting tools of 2019, and for good reason – they actually work!

Customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics of B2B marketers, according to the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report.  They testify to your legitimacy and make it known that you can be trusted. By adding video to these testimonials, you are doing all of the same, but adding much more as well. Video testimonials are, in essence, a video of a client or customer praising your product, service, or business. They could just as easily be called a video review. They are an extremely effective marketing tool that can be placed in a variety of locations to fit your needs. Here is an example of a testimonial we filmed.

Why are video testimonials so important?

Videos generate emotions, and that response can be of huge importance and success to you. Text can come off as generic and lack emotion, whereas video can be a great way to pull on the heartstrings, and a nicely said testimonial can really help to drive the point home. All of the feelings you want your customers to feel can be put into the video. Using relatable customer reviews that apply to your target audience work really well in these cases. Showing someone that their peers are benefitting from your product or service can lead them to want that same benefit for themselves. In addition to the value of the “review,” it’s also an opportunity to use b-roll to show your product or service in action, and showing is better than telling.

Video production can be very disruptive. It’s asking a lot for a business (or even just a client or customer) to stop everything and film a testimonial for you. Which is why a video review holds more weight than a written review–emphasizing how valuable and impactful a video testimonial can be. Video reviews prove your clients truly value what you’re offering.

It’s important to film good quality, believable testimonials. Finding honest, genuine people who have used your product or service and letting them speak openly about their positive experience can be a homerun for your testimonial video.

Ready to film a video testimonial for your brand? Let us create a video production package with you that fits all of your needs!