Behind the Scenes of MJB’s Promotional Video Shoot

Meeting with Maggie from Maggie’s Jewelry Box for the first time, she explained her goal of a 3 minute promotional video to coincide with the launch of her new website. I was immediately excited about the concept, featuring her jewelry collections in their own elements, and both of us knew there were so many practical uses for video beyond the initial 3 minute promo. We decided on a 2 day video shoot to capture as much of the jewelry as possible.

The 2 days in mid-July in Oswego, NY turned out to be the hottest days of the summer. The heat was brutal for everyone, but particularly for the models. I was able to use many different techniques and toys while shooting. In order to create the look Maggie was after, I shot much of the video free-lens with my Nikon Nikkor 50mm f1.4 manual. Steadicam shots added drama, and I love the jib shots!

The video shoot involved collaboration with several wedding vendors to complete the look, and we had incredible cooperation from the locations we shot at as well:

Mirror Mirror Bridal

Ferlito’s Berry Patch