The Value Of Hiring A Professional


Everything Has A Price

Yep. Professional video production can be expensive, but consider the alternative.

Hiring a professional will get the job done correctly, quickly and efficiently. Professional video production companies have the experience to anticipate problems that could arise, and ensures proper planning to avoid those problems before they happen. If issues do come up, experience allows professionals to handle them with confidence.

Many of our clients have come to me after hiring an intern to produce a video for them, or trying and failing to do it themselves. Of course this isn’t to say their methods couldn’t or haven’t ever been done successfully, but in our initial meeting with them, it usually becomes quite clear where they went wrong. There are three traps that these clients most often get caught in:

1. Underestimating the time it will take

We all know time is money. In the video production world, paying more upfront could save a lot of time. But ultimately, the pitfall of time can be bigger than just money. Learning, trying, failing, and trying again can be frustrating. Deadlines, either self-imposed or set in stone, can creep up. Perhaps even more frustrating, investing so much time in DIY, and then still having to turn to a professional to make it work. One client spent months recording a series of videos that I re-filmed in 2 days. Not only was it faster in the long run, but better quality and more engaging. Yes, more expensive, but HER clients will appreciate the quality.

2. Not using the correct tools

Most of the clients that come to us after failing to create a video on their own have already invested a lot of time (see above) researching. Frequently, they have a keen awareness of the tools they need to produce good quality videos. But equipment can also be a significant investment. For companies not considering ongoing videos, they don’t always want to shell out for something they’ll use once. Considering consumer toys have made huge improvements in quality, this isn’t the biggest concern. More likely to happen is cutbacks leading to curious choices and potential set-backs. One client reached out to ask me to reduce background noise is some video they recorded themselves. Upon review, “some background noise” was an understatement, and unavoidable. Investing in a simple microphone would have saved them a ton of time and money.

3. Getting hung up on the technical aspects

Sometimes it’s the technical jargon that pushes clients over the edge to seek out our services. They come in spouting specs and requirements without understanding what they mean or why they do–or don’t–even matter. They drive themselves crazy trying to understand an enormous swath of data with a limited amount of knowledge. Sampling rates, compression, and codec conflicts–and you haven’t even scratched the surface of how creativity and personal preference play into production decisions.

Not all video production professionals will always agree on the best way to approach a project, but they will generally agree on how not to go about it. Not all professionals are qualified to handle every project, and the best ones won’t take on a project outside their expertise. It’s important to have the right skill set and knowledge base to be able to plan and produce each project effectively, and by not hiring a professional, you’re giving yourself a huge disadvantage.