National vs. Local Video Production Companies

It’s not a secret anymore, and there’s no denying that adding video to your marketing campaigns is a MUST! First, it’s super easy. Take some video, add it to YouTube and throw in some Twitter or Facebook and you have a campaign. Second, it’s super cheap. YouTube? Free. Facebook? Free. Twitter? Free. Digital video production? Very affordable!

Now that web video has taken off, some large scale companies are cropping up and taking advantage. Give them a call, and you’ll be on your way to your very own web video. It’s a piece of cake, and, of course, very affordable! First, contact them and tell them what you want (as long as it fits within one of their existing models). Second, they’ll send a videographer out to your location to shoot! Finally, they’ll edit the video and viola!

So what’s the problem? These companies sell you a product, take your money, then send out videographers that are already local to you, that you can actually contact directly (like HouseTwelve Media), and get the same exact services with the added benefit of having somebody care about the quality of their work and no middle man.

Some benefits of working with local video production houses:

  • You’re not limited in the scope of your project
  • You’re videographer isn’t limited to strict guidelines
  • Lower overhead costs, no mark-ups on services
  • Quality, not quantity–creativity rules local shops

HouseTwelve has worked for several national, and non-local companies to assist in filming, and we also use other production companies when filming outside of Rochester. They’re not all bad.

But. These companies have a formula. Your video won’t go viral, it won’t be fun, edgy or unique. It won’t connect you to your community or bring anything new to the table. You won’t be able to sit down face to face with somebody and brainstorm, or have that person fall asleep at night trying to figure out how to make your video amazing.

That is what HouseTwelve Media is about.