Our Creative Process

  • Creative development begins the moment you contact us. Solid pre-production planning is integral to the success of your project.
  • Mutual Fit
  • We understand that your budget is a priority--but before we get to that, we want to ensure that we are a good fit for your project, and you should also have a good feeling about working with us! Jumping on a quick phone call is the best way for both parties to decide whether to move forward.
  • The First Phone Call
  • in our first conversation, we will want to learn as much as possible about your project. This includes your initial ideas of what you want your video to be. We also take into consideration the avenue you are using for video placement, your target audience, desired visuals, and the mood or emotional response you want to evoke.
  • Concept Development & Budget
  • If both parties feel that we're a fit for each other, we move into more detailed discussions. Knowing your budget up front helps us create a comprehensive concept while staying within your means. We walk you through the process, step by step to develop a plan that will satisfy all your requirements that will translate well to video. At this stage we provide you with a written proposal and a contract.
  • Scheduling + Planning
  • Once the budget and concept has been finalized, we get into even more detail! The concept becomes a plan. A schedule for production and deliverables is created. Scripts and storyboards are developed, and we make sure every detail is set before the day of filming.